The most annoying social media travel photo trends

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My love for photography solidified at 19 years old when I stopped painting (which is a mini-horror story of its own, of how I broke free from Art Studio slavery at university).
I was happy to finally give up the smelly turpentine fumes that I was convinced had a personal vendetta against me as they used to attack my nostrils, as well as the grubby oil paint remnants under my fingernails in favor of photography.

One finger click and the images were there for posterity. What an elegant solution!

My I love for looking at other people’s photos also grew.

To this day, I still find it gratifying when images inspire me to travel.

I just love it when they make me feel the vibe of the places photographed, as I drool over the amazing destinations, putting the best ones on my bucket list.

But I have to admit that lately, instead of being inspired I feel bored and frustrated.

Because it seems that all travel pictures on social media look EXACTLY THE SAME.

Clichés anyone?

At this time, the social media travel photo trends I despise the most are:

1. Hand holding ice-cream

Hand holding ice cream cone
What does this even mean?

Can someone please explain to me what’s the point in these shots?

a. They don’t even make sense.

b. Are they trying to make people envious of their dessert, right before devouring it in an attractive destination?

Because plebs in the suburb of Givatayim have ice cream too, you know… Even if it comes out of a tub of Ben and Jerry’s at 20:00 in front of the TV every night over the past 3 weeks. Just saying. As a way of example of course.

c. If you don’t have a nice manicure, it looks awful and defeats the purpose of showing a yummy dessert.

d. If you do have a manicure, please let me how you make it last while traveling longer than 2 days before the polish chips off. Thank you!

2. Led by hand

Have not committed this “follow me to” crime yet. Please, just shoot me if I do (pardon the pun).

3. Small person in front of vast landscape with back to camera

photos of small people in front of landscape are annoying
For illustration purposes only


Forgive me, for I have committed this sin. I was not with my back to the camera though. Hey, I never claimed I was perfect.

4. Bikini beach shots

Full bathing suites are not the same as bikinis
Full bathing suites are not the same as bikinis


Don’t think that it annoys me because I’m in my 40s (going on 25). Bikini shots were always embarrassing to me…

Full bathing suites are not the same as bikinis. Ok?

I, therefore, plead innocent on that count.

Disclaimer: should you run into any bikini shots of the writer of this blog on social media, they must have been taken when she was highly intoxicated or desperate for attention, on day of posting.

5. Selfeet

Ben Gurion house tiles
Selfeet are so 2016

Embarrassed to say I am guilty of this vice. Am still none the wiser on who decided this is something normal to do on social media and why.

Come on (or should I say common) people.
(Judgmental? You think?)

Seriously, it takes some COURAGE to experiment and post something different, instead of the “safe” images, angles and filters which you know will bring you a certain amount of engagement.

Are you “guilty” of sticking with any of the above trends, even though they may bore or annoy you to death?

If so, I dare you to post something different next time and see what happens.

What do you think?

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