10 photos to inspire you to see Graffiti in Florentin, Tel Aviv

Florentin, Tel Aviv, Street Art and Graffiti - is da bomb - סיור גרפיטי בפלורנטין

Wall art in Florentin neighborhood is tongue in cheek

One of Tel Aviv’s main Graffiti hubs, lies in the southern neighborhood Florentin. Florentin is laid back bohemian and trendy, with little cafes and bars.

The graffiti in Florentin, much like the city itself, can perhaps best be described as ironic and self-absorbed.

In Florentin I didn’t come across images that express violence and death such as those I saw in Medellin Columbia. Nor were they breathtakingly beautiful and monumental like those of Kobra, which I was fortunate to see in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

However, walking along the allies of Florentin you will get a delicious bite out of Tel Aviv’s vibe.  Colorful and wise-ass, with a lot of up to date urban charm.

How do you feel about Graffiti?


Israel: Tel Avivs Florenin neighborhood street art - unicorn graffiti. Fake it till you make it.
Fake it till you make it


The 27 Club wall mural in Tel Avivs Florenin neighborhood
The 27 Club graffiti Mural


Israel - Tel Aviv Florenin neighborhood street art. Frog mural
Frogging it


Waiting for the bus.
Israel Tel Aviv Florenin neighborhood colorful walls and street art
Brightly colorful walls giving a dreamy effect in the middle of a workshop area


Tel Aviv Florenin neighborhood street art
It doesn’t hurt to hug your cat, even if it’s a cartoon one


Tel Aviv Florenin neighborhood street art by #TAG
The one and mighty has the most followers


Tel Aviv Florenin neighborhood in Israel - tactile street art
Street pole turned Muppet


Israels Tel Aviv Florenin neighborhood street art - inspired by Neta
Eurovision Song Contest winner Neta as a local queen


Petting corner, Florentine Graffiti, Tel Aviv, Adiseesworld travel blog
A “petting” corner


The pictures were taken during a trip with Be Tel Aviv Graffiti Tour, of which I was a guest.

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