How to (time) travel for free

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There’s a way to travel that’s economical and easily available to everyone. No need to buy a plane ticket or book an expensive hotel.

You know that feeling when you hear a song on the radio and immediately get taken to the experiences and places you were at when you first heard them?

If you want to travel through time and memory lane, all you have to do is listen to songs from your past, that evoke lively memories.

Here are top 4 songs that take me places:

1. Let’s Talk About Sex – Salt N Pepa

Location: stunning sea views at Morgan Bay Caravan Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Occasion: post-graduation (end of Matric) week away,
Partners in crime: girlfriends.
Memory lane: dancing to the song with mates at beach parties. Feeling of freedom, independence and pure fun! Boys, boys, boys. Cooking for ourselves (ok burning food) on a tiny caravan stove.
Notes: how on earth my parents trusted me to take our family van, and spend a week away at the possible site of Sodom and Gemorah in the pre-cellphone era is a mystery.

2. ’74-’75 – The Cornnells

Location: blazing hot Brandizi, Italy.
Occasion: backpacking through Europe.
Partner in crime: mythological ex.
Memory lane: deeply in love with above-mentioned ex. Listening to this song with him at a youth hostel, gazing into each other’s eyes.
Blocked memory: following the alpha male through Italian alleys that all look identical. Going around in circles with a crumpled map at hand. Meekly suggesting for the 5th time that we ask for directions. Only to get the “I know what I’m doing” dirty looks.
Notes: today with google maps, this would never happen.

3. Somewhere Only We Know, Keane

Location: Brixton Academy, London, England.
Occasion: Keane Concert during a visit to the UK.
Partner in crime: best friend since childhood.
Memory lane: coolness, emotional, unexpected guest artists. Pet Shop Boys and Lilly Allen singing Keane songs.
Notes: watching concerts is always better in the artists’ county of origin.

4. Despacito, Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

Location: beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
Occasion: Latin American Trip
Partner in crime: Latin lover (OK fling).
Memory lane: apprehensive due to not understanding Spanish. Listening to song at a restaurant and writing down the lyrics. Trying to translate them into English. Hoping it will help me learn the local language.
Notes: “Ay, Fonsi, DY, Oh no, Diridiri, dirididi Daddy” does not help you ask where the nearest bus stop is.
Using google translate will.


So next time you feel like getting away, how about thinking of songs that remind you of places and vibes you want to bring into your life? Until you take your next actual trip, you can just play them, close your eyes, lose yourself in the music, or even dance like crazy.

What songs do you like to listen to that take you to other times and places in your life journey?

What do you think?

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